Bird Dog Development was started in 2018, right here in Richmond Virginia, with a simple thought, “why are web developers so hard to get a hold of and talk with?” Too often we see small businesses with outdated or ineffective websites and when you speak with the web site owner they will tell you the developer was hard to work with, or to get a hold of or just wanted too much money. Bird Dog Development set out to give the small businesses of Richmond an option that changes that! We offer services to get your website up and working! If that doesn’t work and you want someone to work on an existing site, that is fine too! We can help you with whatever you need.

Currently Bird Dog works with all types of businesses, including landscape companies, local comedians, and nonprofits. We pride ourselves on our ability to be available and to be able to answer any questions. We want to put you at ease about your website and make sure you have all the tools to make your business shine.

We want to be available for face to face conversations, and we know right now that isn’t the best idea. Instead we want to let you know we are available for screen to screen conversations to help discuss plans of action and reduce confusion about current projects.

The internet can be hard for the little guy and with all of these website builder options like square space, wix and wordpress.org a lot of people will say to just build your own. But if you want to concentrate on your business, not worry about having to spend time that you don’t have and get exactly what you want, that Bird Dog can help. We want to take it off of your plate and to let you worry about your business. Giving you the advantage against your competitors.